Diabetes is a serious yet manageable disease. With right care and monitoring, it can be effectively managed.

Here are simple tips to avoid complications from Diabetes

Quit Smoking

Smoking drastically increases your risk of various diabetes complications such as heart disease, eye disorders, kidney disease, nerve damage, stroke or even premature death

Have an Exercise Routine

Pick an activity of your choice such as walking, jogging, dancing or cycling. Working out at least for 30 minutes a day can help lower your cholesterol levels and even blood pressure.

Lose Weight

Shedding a few pounds can enhance body’s ability to utilise insulin. It can help lower your glucose levels and control Blood Pressure & triglycerides

Get Enough Sleep

Too much or too little sleep can increase your craving for foods that are high in carbs. This could cause weight gain thereby raising your risk of heart disease Seven to eight hours of sound sleep cuts down your risk drastically

Monitor Glucose Levels Regularly

Regular monitoring can help you understand how food, exercise & medications are affecting your glucose levels and if your treatment approach is working.

Cut down on Salt

Reducing salt intake can help manage your blood pressure effectively and even protect your kidneys

Protect yourself from Bruises

Diabetes slows down healing and increases your risk of infection. As such cleaning any wounds properly and using antibiotics and sterile bandage is of utmost importance.

Diabetes care is not too complicated and is within your control. Follow these simple tips and diabetes will not come in the way of a healthy and happy life.

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