Ways to live better with Arthritis

The main symptoms of Arthritis - Severe pain, stiffness of joints and inflammation – can make it difficult to perform even the routine tasks that most of us take for granted. Arthritis can also put you at greater risk for mental health issues, such as depression.

Therefore it is critical that you take good care of yourself by finding the right ways and means to relieve pain, improve function & cope with stress.

Here are some tips to adapt to lifestyle disruptions caused by Arthritis and accomplish your daily tasks in an easier way:

Educate yourself

Know as much as you can about the disease. Understand it better to adjust and adapt to it. Work with your rheumatologist to reach your quality of life.

Keep Moving

Avoid staying in one position for extended periods of time. For instance, while watching TV or working on a computer, get up and stretch every few minutes.

Discover your strength

It is important to learn to use your stronger muscles and joints to protect the affected joints. To avoid putting stress on finger or wrist joints, open heavy doors with your shoulder or side of the arm.

Avoid Stress on joints

Try not to make movements that tend to put extra pressure on your joints.

Find a Support Group

Having a support group can help you learn what it is actually like to live with the disease. Support groups can also help you handle your emotional difficulties well while dealing with Arthrities

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